Monday, August 4, 2014

Band and BBQ

We had our BAND party!!!  We have been doing this for years, but  took 2 years off, which felt like a life time, (because of the wind storm, and the Belnaps thought they were moving).... but now we are BACK!  It makes me so happy.  The Belnaps, Farleys and Welches put it on each year.  We pay for a live band to come play...this year it was Endless Summer.... and the boys (Bob, Eric) smoke and bbq all sorts of meat.... pork, ribs, salmon, chicken.... then everyone does potluck and it works out great.
Kimi Farley, Lexi, Monson, Truman, Mel Evans, Laila ready to PARTY....
I love to dance. We had Beach Boys, Beatles and oldies.   Once the band starts playing I don't really do anything else, but dance with a group of other Dancing Queens.... Emilee Dahl, Mel Evans, Jo Cash, Kimi Farley....and Nick Cash joins us too.  HE is our Dancing King.  It used to bug me that most of the people just sat and listened and didn't dance, but I have forgiven them...and all is well.
Endless Summer includes Andy Leger, his little boy Zac, Doug Vandergrift and Chris Jones.   One of our guests looked quickly at the bald drummer and thought it was Pres. funny.  Our friend, Mike Leger who is the main guitarist couldn't come because he had his hip replaced.

The guests all hug the shade...we had over 150 people !!!

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