Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Marcie Memory

  As a child I loved laying under the green and lavender patchwork, Grandma Rawlings quilt.  I shared a bed with my sister, Marcie til I was 10.   We would steal covers and drive each other crazy as we struggled to fall asleep each night.  We loved to choose a colorful quilt square snd play " I spy with my little eye" and figure out which square we were looking at.  We shared  grade school secrets under the covers.  A couple of times a week as we were falling asleep Marcie or I would take turns playing "timber." I knew I was in trouble when in the dark, I felt her arm straight up in the air and heard a chopping motion with her other hand...then a few wavering squeaks and her "arm-tree" would come crashing down across my body.  It was a bit painful, but fun.  We would go on and on with this game chopping and screaming until mom would poke her head in and tell us to  "go to sleep." Our chopping down trees bedtime routine is a family legend now and we love telling our kids about it and watching their eyes grow big.

Cole kids 1972
It's Marcie's birthday today..... She has been one of my best friends and allies for 51 years.  She is strong, wise and beautiful.  She knows how to put an outfit together and is an amazing interior decorator.  She is artisitc and creative.  Marcie is a fierce momma bear and has a strong testimony.

We  have had a difficult year with mom's passing and trying to figure out the best way to help our dad.  I'm glad I have siblings to share all this with.

Marcie is a great "oldest."  I love her so much.  Happy Birthday sis.

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Teri said...

What a lovely tribute! And oh, photos from the 70's. What a gift!