Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Oh happy double birthday!

Happy Birthday to Tru and Lai-- they are good buddies and it's fun to celebrate them together.  We had lunch at Settebelos on Tru's day and dinner at Five Guys  for Laila's.
Laila wrote this about her sweet brother Tru:
"Thanks for being the best example there is. To be completely honest, you are my idol. You've always been there for me. Thanks for being on my side even when you know I'm wrong. I think it's so exciting when you let me take pictures with you or go have dinner. I feel like I can tell you everything. Have I already told you how good of a singer you are? How can you be so awesome?! I'm kinda jelly...ha ha!  Well happy Birthday! "

All Laila wanted for her birthday was to go do baptisms at the temple.  Wayne helped her find family  names.  Her cute friend Emily Mortensen joined us early in the morning.  She also got a Florida trip to go see and hold baby Alfie...and maybe a bit of Disney World thrown in just for fun. 

In other NEWS...Alfie is growing.  Holly drew a portrait of him for me so I wouldn't forget what he looks like. She is an angel... So is he! 
First Smiles....

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