Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Family Flashback

March 17, 1996
Monson has a hard time saying the "g" sound on anything.  He was in the car with Wayne and he said, "Dad we hate dulos  don't we?"  Wayne said,  "No.   Mom is a girl and grandma is a girl...Andrea, the favorite family baby sitter is a girl."  Monson was quiet for about a minute then he said, "Dad, we hate yiddo dulos don't we."

And now for a story that is a bit more gross.....Truman is quite a thinker.  He is always discovering the world.  He is really a wonder kid.  He wonders all of the time about everything.  The other night, after he had been in bed about half an hour...he came to the top of the stairs and called for his dad.  He said, "Dad, I just know when I go poop the hole gets bigger."  Then he shook his head  in great satisfaction, smiled  and went back to bed.

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