Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Family Flashback

March 9, 1996
Monson loves to go and visit Aunt Lynette and Uncle Lynn in Woodland Hills.  He gets really excited about going to the Poulters.   He tells me that he is going to see Aunt Lynette and Uncle Ette.  We couldn't figure out what he was talking about and then we realized that he knew Lynn's name was something like Lynette but he just chose the wrong end of the name to say.  He calls them this when ever he sees them.

The time has come for Monson to be potty trained.  It is an experience to say the least.  Take today for example.  He wore his under pants all day long.  He was told NOT to wet them.  HE was out jumping on the trampoline, suddenly he just stops.  Wayne watched him get off of the tramp, pull down his pants and pee on the grass.  He looks up and sees Wayne watching him, he just grins big, waves, pulls his pants up and gets back on  the tramp.  Wayne says that that proves he is ready to go camping with the guys.

The Terry Welch family came over for dinner.  During dinner Melinda said to Monson,  "Tell Uncle Terry what you are wearing today." Now she thought that he would just say underpants.  But you have to remember he is a Welch and a very unpredictable one at that.  HE stood up on his chair and began to pull down his outer pants.  Melinda thought that he would just say  "see." But no.  He took off his levis and his underpants and then he said, "see."  They were all in stun. Then he jumped off of the chair and ran towards the bathroom,  half naked.  Before he got there he said, "Don't anyone come in and see me.  I don't have any pants on so don't anyone look." HE came out of the bathroom as proud as he could be.  That kid is a real piece of work.

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