Thursday, February 7, 2013

Yellow Car!!

We have two black cars now. 
A Hyundai Elantra and a Hyundai Genesis. 
There is nothing I dislike more than taking care of a BLACK car.  
 I just want a yellow car.  Easy to find in a parking lot. Easy to see on the freeway.  Fun.  Happy.  
But no.........we have two black cars. 
(Remember how I feel about there a Funeral somewhere?)
Wayne has his Black...UNDRCVR...license plate car, which he loves, and has no problem with driving a black car around.......and now I have my YELOCAR.

This makes it so much easier to distinguish the two.   I could never tell Laila, go and get in the Black car....  we have two of those...but I can say go and get in the Yellow car!!!

Yay for living in denial!  Now if my Yellow car was just easier to keep clean...

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