Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tree of LIfe

FINISHED:   2nd painting from my online art class.  I call it, "Tree of LIfe."   This is a 2x4 acrylic painting. 
I am learning that :  
1.  I'm not afraid of color. Of course the colors don't really translate well in this picture...she is pretty vibrant.  
2.  I see faces in many of my canvasses and It's hard to know when a painting is "done."   
3.  I like to paint big... I need to get more big canvasses.  
4.  I need to paint every day if I'm going to get any good at this.  
5.  It's difficult to stay out of my head and to just let things flow.


Rachelle said...

amazing! i LOVE your paintings! i envy this a little bit. you have a gift.

Si said...

gasp! this is beautiful!