Friday, September 14, 2012

TGIF....Cole cousins

Laila and Preston 2006... Bear Lake.  I love this picture.
Laila and Preston are the only two, young cousins on the Cole side. 8 years separates them from the next, older  batch of kids
I'm so glad they have each other.
They aren't a lot alike.   Boys and know.    Preston loves cars and riding  his bike.  Laila loves dance and performing. They don't have much in common, but they do share the same school and have some of the same friends.  Preston comes to our home 2 mornings a week.  He has prayer with us, reads scriptures, hangs out ont the computer, plays with our dog and eats breakfast. Then he and Laila walk to school.
I love this kid.
         --- Prestony
                   ----  PT
Laila is always so concerned for Preston and his skin.   Preston was born with very bad eczema and psoriasis.  It's like he is allergic to his own skin. Preston and Laila have both been "saved" through primary children's hospital though.  Preston with his skin condition and Laila when she hit her head.  So they share  that.

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