Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Favorite Boy names

I have now named my baby on to my imaginary baby boy.
Boy names that I love.................
I love the names of all of my boys...still do.  No regrets here.
If I had to do it all again, I wouldn't change a name.  I love last names as first names.
Addison ...Monson ....Landon ......Truman
Now to add to my list:
Max -  It means the greatest.  Maximillion, Maximus, Maxim.... like them all, but all would be shortened to Max.

Rex - it sounds so rugged and romance novel-ish.  It means King. It was just hard to put with the last name Welch so we have no Rex.

Steven -   The meaning of the name is crown.  It doesn't hurt that every Stephen I have ever known is kind and generous.

George-- Great Grandpa Heiner's name. Father of our Country.

Samson - okay, a favorite  Bible name.... but I like Sam and Sammy too.   Samson...sounds strong and masculine...and a little bit hairy.

Beau- this goes back to Gone with the Wind times.  I watched this movie so many times as a teenager and read the book twice.  I even visited Margaret Mitchell's home where she wrote this great novel. This has been my favorite boy name forever.  Wayne said no....

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