Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday Bits and Bobs...... that's Brittish for Tidbits

GOOD NEWS--- Mom's Doctor told her they can't find any more cancer markers in her blood or tumors or fluid in her abdomen area!  They are not saying "Cancer Free" for 6 more months....but it looks really good.  We are celebrating!!!!   Now if the chemo effects will just leave her body, life will be good.  Truman brought her home a UK red, white and blue wig to add to her collection.
We had our April Fools- no plates or utensils- Spaghetti dinner on April 2nd for Family night.    Laila thought I had forgotten, but I tricked her.  April Fools!!  We spent the night at Addison and Bre's apartment working on our Mormon.org profiles...  ( we all should have one to share online, according to our latest returned missionary) ...playing games and eating with our fingers.

I lo--huh--ved Conference.  I especially liked Holland's talk on Envy, Uchtdorf's talk on Judging, Eyring's talk on Trials  and Anderson's talk on being Christians. They all  made me think.....and hopefully recommit to be a little better and to try a little harder to be more Christlike in my day to day inter actions.
We are having a stay-cation for Spring break.  We are  trying to do something family oriented each day and not just work.   We are going to the new City Creek Center, Movies, on walks, shopping, out to eat.... all things we would do on a " real" vacation.  Landon and Laila have school off and Truman is waiting around til his new work adventure begins.  Truman is going to do summer sales in California.  He leaves on April 22nd to sell pest control in San Jose, California, with a buddy.   It feels like he just got home and now he's leaving again...oh, that's right, he did just get home.  Oh, well.  My babies grow up and leave me.  I have enjoyed his being around for a bit.  He was reading to Laila in her bed last night.  I peaked in on them.  It was sweet.

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Lauren said...

love that kid. love your family. love conference