Friday, April 27, 2012

TGIF....Bountiful Temple

This was taken March of 1993....the Bountiful Temple was under way and I had just birthed Monson...he is in the baby carrier.  Truman is 2, Landon is 4 and Addison is 6...... Gma Sheri, in the shades, looks awesome.... I look like a polygamist wife without the skirt.
I didn't know what life would bring in the next 19 years. I'm grateful for all of the twists and turns, ups and downs that I have experienced.
The Bountiful Temple means so much to me.  It gives me hope and peace about so many things.
Just driving around town and seeing it on the hill is so comforting.
The Bountiful Temple is where Laila was sealed to us.  That was such a perfect day..... but as I look at my sweet little boys in 1993, this was a perfect day too.
The Bountiful Temple today.....
 I love this temple!  This is my temple.

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