Sunday, April 29, 2012

Color Me Rad..... RUN

The sun was shining and  even though it was chilly, it was such a beautiful day for a 5K race.  
It was less of a race and more about how messy can we get with a big dance party at the end. 
We ran and walked and ran some more.  I ran really fast through the color tunnels where you got pelted and sprayed with color EVERYWHERE!  I learned to keep my mouth SHUT.
 Kimi Farley, Kathleen Newman, Cydney Mortensen and Me.......B-town Mom Squad..... that's our team name.  Kathleen made us all shirts. 
We think we were the oldest people there....or I should say,  I was the oldest one in the race.  I probably won my age division, if anyone was keeping track.
Kimi ran in shorts... hence the strange tan line she is showing off.  Maybe not the BEST idea.  I had three layers of shirts on and a bandana to protect me.....Plus...double glasses, most of the time. 
 My bandana got made fun of BIG time. 
 I was worried I wouldn't get the die out of my hair but every thing washed out pretty slick.   
I had to do the double glasses to be able to see anything.  It felt so good to get out of my every day and do something wild and crazy!

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Si said...

you are CRAZY!!!