Tuesday, February 21, 2012

You "nose" we Love You!!

Grandma Welch is 76!!!   We had a fun family night to celebrate her with  Holly, Lindsey and James, Tami and Rob, Kylie, Hunter, Alex, Nash, Wayne, Landon, Laila and me.

For the program we had the grandkids all come in wearing fake noses.  We knew this would make Wanee laugh.......AND IT DID!
"We nose you love us and you nose we love you too."  
Then they each said something sweet to Wanee that related to the letter they held up.  "G is for Gregarious.... grand.... R is for righteous, rad.... "  It was cute to see what they came up with.  ALex  said...." Grandma is da-best!" for the letter D.
We also shared talents...piano piece by Alex and Nash, singing by Laila, and a poem written by Hunter.  

Wayne did a rendition of "76 Trombones"..... 
"76 years old on your birthday now
but she's not quite as old as her twin
she grew up on a farm with her milking cow 
and now when she sings -' how much was that doggie in  the window?'.. she really makes us grin!"
We, of course, had Wanee sing "How much is that doggie" for posterity sake.  We got it all on video.
She has the best bark.

Tami put as many candles as she could on Wanee's cake..... it was a fire hazard, and took many breaths to blow all of the way out.
 I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful mother in law..... she is a great example to me.

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