Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines....... I love it!

Laila's 2012 Valentine card..... this plus a little Snicker's candy bar 

We had a fun  "Red hot" couples--Truth or Dare party!!!

We laughed ourselves silly.  The highlights included Grant  hopping around as cupid, promising each of us true love;  Kathleen singing "I'm a little tea pot," Mel wanting to Kiss Kyle Corver; Wayne leading us all in a "We want food" cheer,  Eric turning bright red again and again as he tried to discuss a romantic dream and Si saying something about hand cuffs???.....

 We had the Newmans, Wangsgaards, Evans, Fosters, Farleys and Belnaps ....... at our home.  It was a good group.

 I always wish my house was HUGE and I could have many more attend....... I love my friends!

Laughing is good......shared stories are fun.

Looking forward to more celebrations.

For Family night we learned about Love from Preacher Wayne.  Then we  made heart shaped cookies and HEART  hats, wrote love letters to our two missionary boys, and played card games.

 This was our version of the Mad Hatter/Queen of Hearts party.

Parties, gatherings, silly play at Family night, all energize my marriage.  This type of stuff takes me out of the rut of the day to day...and let's me see my Wayne again in a whole new, or should I say, remembered light.  This is why I fell in love with this man in the first place.

Thinking about my Wayne...and getting all mushy.......
I love the crook of Wayne's shoulder.  It's where I lay my head just prior to falling asleep.  He is warm and cuddly.

 I love the bottom of Wayne's left foot.  It's where I touch him with the top of my right foot, just before I drift off to sweet dreams.

I love when Wayne plays and is silly with the family....coming up with crazy lyrics to old songs....dancing around with Laila.

I love flowers..any kind....and chocolates....dark ones... Wayne knows this, and showers me with these beautiful gifts.  He is a sweetheart and got flowers for me, flowers for Laila and flowers for his mom.
Wayne got me dark Mindy Mints..and I got him a box too....
I love Wayne's eyes.  They are gold and blue... really cool, just like him..he's as good as gold, and true blue.  He looks into my soul and sees the real Melinda on my good days and on my bad ones.  The amazing part is he continues to love me.

Happy Valentine's Day Wayne....
In the words of my favorite philosopher, Winnie the Pooh, “If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you”. 

Laila's card to me.....

Love  my girl!


Haskell's said...

Heard it was a fun night! When my dad goes red like that and he tries to re tell the story to us or even if someone else tells the story in front of him he still goes just as red and covers his face!! Priceless. I am sure my mom had no problem telling the juicy stories;) wink wink. I feel lucky Braydon loves me on good and bad days! We got lucky but hello let's be real they are the luckier ones:) happy v-day love you xoxo!!

Melanie said...

Such a fun party and Laila's valentines were the BEST I have ever seen!