Thursday, February 9, 2012

Family Doings...... Do-be-do-be-do

We have Elder Welch Sr. and Elder Welch Jr. serving right now.  It's great to read their letters and compare one fresh out with one almost home.  They are both so filled with faith, yet handling their circumstances from such different vantage points.

I like how Marcie's family prays for my boys.  "Bless the Elders Welch."   It's cute.    Laila prays for them this way,  "and please bless all of the millions of missionaries in our world, but especially my two brothers in all that they do."    I just pray.....constantly...that they are doing okay.

We are going to pick up Truman in six weeks..... I can't believe it.  Six weeks to see my Sweet Tru and six weeks to be with the Sharkeys in Scotland.  Somebody pinch me!

Addison and Bre just finished up with "Xanadu" at Weber State.... again.  This show was put on last November, but then it made the College cut and got in to the ACTF festival that is going on this week.  They had 3 shows of it yesterday, and  came away with glowing reports, and hysterical audiences.  The judges loved it.  IT was better than last November.  IT's like it all marinated and the sound got better and the  music sweeter.  It was Xana-do----- not Xana- don't, that's fur sure.

Landon got his hair cut awhile back.  He grew it out for an entire year.   It went from an almost Buzz cut to.... this..... in one years time.
It is now short again.... and I love it.   Landon found out that having "long" hair is hard.... so much to do.

Mom and Dad are trying to get their basement back together.  ALong with Chemo, Cancer, and Care taking....they had a big sewage back up all over their basement.  Doo-doo everywhere...literally.  So now 3 weeks later we are still in clean up stage.  They are going to get a lovely basement out of all of this, but we need to do a major "death" march on the remaining items in the basement bedrooms and storage room before the re-do can happen.  What would we get rid of if Mom and Dad were dead?    This sounds morbid, but it works for us.  I can't wait to see the  beautiful after.   I'm glad I didn't see the  @%#+_# before.

I'll finish up with a Yoda quote.... "Do or do not, there is no try."

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