Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda 2 was a pretty good movie, for a sequel. 
We saw it over Memorial weekend, but it has stayed with me.  
I don't know why it seems many animanted shows have the "I don't fit in, I must be adopted' theme going on...but they do.  
Rio, Dispicable Me, MegaMind, Tangled,  and this show, Kung Fu Panda  all have it.
As a mother of a gorgeous adopted daughter....I find it....... tiresome. 
I wonder what Laila thinks about it as the movie plays.   Does she relate?  Does she need to leave me and find her roots?  Does she think she would be happier some place else?  

I must admit, I was rolling my eyes and got a good knowing glance at Wayne, when the theme of the movie was revealed.... A "Here we go again...." type stare, over Laila's brown head.  
I was ready to go to sleep, like I do in most animated shows, and talk about it when it was all over.
But I stayed a wake and watched and waited...and it got better.  
The line that got me...and finally helped me to like this movie,  was the father (a goose) talking to his adopted- panda- bear- son Po:
"The beginning of your story may not have been that great...but look how well it turned out."  Or something to that effect.
I came away crying and smiling. Laila and Wayne were touched as well.
 It doesn't really matter how we start. 
 It's the choices we make and love we share along the way that make us who we are.
.........another thing.........
I actually sat in the sun by a pool for 4 hours on Wednesday.  
I read a book and chatted and got in the pool and just felt such contentment.  
It was lovely.
Krystin's pool was refreshing and the kids ( Landon, Laila and Preston) had a great time.
Laila getting ready to jump off the high dive....
Summer is here!
Addison has been teaching me to do a few things in Photo Shop.  He is amazing.  I am a hack... but I made this summer sign........


Anonymous said...

SO worth it--even with the headache. Love you Mommy. Proud of you learning the photoshop stuff.

Si said...

Good job, Belinda. I admire you most for going to all of those kiddie movies. Even more when you go and resist eating POPCORN.