Monday, November 22, 2010

Thankful for Family night

We like Family night at our house.  Sometimes we even love it.
It's really not a whole night though....more like an hour....if we are lucky and everyone is trying to make it work.
We had a good one tonight.
We are using the book by Emily Freeman ( A speaker at Time out for Women, by the way), A Christ Centered Christmas as our guide for the next 5 weeks.  She suggests taking one character from the nativity a week, and talking about and pondering what they bring to the nativity.  It really is fascinating.
Tonight we talked about Mary.  We were challenged to ponder the true meaning of Christmas and be more heart felt.
We also went around the room to find out what character in the nativity each of us would want to be.
I chose Mary--she is strong, and faithful, and obedient and did I mention strong?  She had birth in a stable, which I could totally do if I had an epidural.
Laila chose Mary-- she likes that she is pretty and sweet.
Landon chose the Angel Gabriel, because he is incredibly good looking, is shiny and brings good news.  He also likes to sing.........all angels do  too.
Addison chose a wiseman.  He wants to be a king, rich, and wear cool clothes, and carry expensive stuff. The Wise men gave Myrrh...which is really random, and Addison is random.  But seriously, they kept seeking Christ, never giving up and knew to honor a small babe.
Monson chose Joseph-- he is a man and could withstand the pressure of those around dissing on his wife.  He could take it.   He knew Joseph was faithful and strong, and if he couldn't be Jesus ( our rules for the nativity game) then Joseph was the next closest.
Wayne chose a shepherd.  He likes that they were the first ones told, and they came with haste to worship and then share the good news.  He likes how excited they were and how obedient.
Bre chose a lamb.  Soft and cuddly with a manger-eye view of the baby.  A follower of Christ.
It's an interesting idea.
Who would you be in the nativity????

I started decorating for Christmas and got our nativities out.  Some are really worse for wear.  Heads and limbs glued back on; missing parts and pieces, but I keep them.  I like how the people ( we ) are broken, and worship the Christ Child, who heals all our wounds.  Well.... tonight, Laila killed a wiseman.  No gluing this poor guy back together. Now this nativity has only 2 wisemen....the 3rd guy must be in the bathroom?!?

I am thankful for Family Night.


erin noelle said...

Hey I just got that book too. We're doing the same thing! Only we didn't have FHE tonight because someone got home really late and then someone else was so tired.

Laur said...

This is a great idea! I loooove who all of you picked! I can imagine of each of your family saying who they said and the reasons behind choosing that person also. That's really neat. Who would T be??