Friday, July 2, 2010

Lessons from Beehive Camp

1. Beehives will go to sleep at a reasonable hour, and not talk about boys much.
2. Don't put on the schedule that we need to be up at 6am to fix breakfast, if we don't need to be there til 7:45. This makes for irritated beehives--and a grumpy leader!
3. Crafts are fun-- Service crafts are better.
4. A Mormon Boy "rap"( thanks Megan C.) mesmerizes the masses!
5. The Cash's know how to do camp food.....mmmmmm, mmmmm, good!
6. Showers and flush toilets are a luxury!
7.Black Magic, Are You In Cahoots?, Sniff the Broom handle, Bubble not Pop and Chinese Writing amaze and irritate every age.
8. Having a testimony meeting on the first night instead of the last night of camp, actually makes it a testimony meeting and not an "I love camp" meeting.
9. Don't sit up quickly in the middle of the night in a low bunk bed. Hitting a 2x4 with one's forehead HURTS!.....a lot!
10. Don't accept bug spray when you should be holding on to the iron matter how friendly the leader is.
11. Being a Beehive leader is SO DANG FUN.......and tiring!
12. The Book of Mormon is True!
12 and 13 year old girls are WONDERFUL!

Mormon Boy Rap words:
I like Mormon boys and I cannot lie
You other sistah's can't deny
When a boy walks in with a scripture case
and a smile on his face
you get a date
an eternal mate
but wait
He's goin' on a mission
leavin' you wishin' that
you had a MAN
to hold your hand.
Deacons, What?
Teachers, What?
We don't like your features,
cuz your brothers are hot
and you are not
So bring on the Mormon Priest
(I changed the end to, "cuz your fathers are hot and you are not so give me an Old High Priest!")

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Brooke Shoko said...

awww this makes me miss the young women days so much. and our ward is such the best. glad you had fun!