Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thoughts on this Valentine's eve

The Love at Home song that Laila and I sang in church turned out lovely.
This morning was a new day...and Laila was excited to be singing.
She sang the first verse of Love at Home by her self, then I sang the second and we joined in on the third.  When she sang her last words...she was ready to dart off of the stand.  Good thing I was standing behind her, holding her shoulders, so she couldn't.  But she did roll her eyes, and  have a funny expression on her face as we waited for the music to end.   It was great.
Addison had a wild week in St. George with his Sleepy Hollow the Musical performance.  The show went great  and was so well received.    They received many ovations...and great comments from the judges.  Addison was singled out for his performance of Ichabod Crane.  Addison got a feel of what fame is like.  He had crazed fans begging for his autograph, getting his picture taken, and even had some girl just run up and kiss him on the lips.  Wow.  He didn't know quite what to think.  Good thing his girlfriend was there to bring him back to real life.
They aren't going to the Kennedy Center to perform.  Too big of a show and with budget can't happen.  Jim Christian and Tom Clark, the writer and composer...did get a special award and will continue to work this show in NYC.  This is an award that would have come in Washington DC, but because of arts budget cuts they received it at regionals.  So it's the end of the line for Ichabod Crane.
                        THe good news is Addison can cut his hair and shave his chops!!!

I gave Wayne a big map of the world for Valentine's...... I told him, "You rock my world!"   It's going up in the Family Room.
Wayne gave me three clocks....."Happy Valentime's"   or   "I've had the time of my life, be my valentine."  or  " I love you through time and all eternity!"   You get the cheesy idea
We love cheese at our house.
"More Cheese Please...."
I'm having the three clocks set to China time, England time, and Utah time.....
Wayne also gave Laila and me flowers.......mmmmmmm

I had a family Valentine's dinner with roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy--the works.  All of the foods the kids love.  It was fun to have them all here, and Addison's girlfriend Bre as well.

 It was great to set my table with my wedding china.   I pulled it out and have 7 plates and only 3 original pink glass goblets.  Oh well.  27 years's good they are not all broken.  

We made Ginger Cream  frosted Valentine cookies after dinner.  Well, tried to make them.  I had to send a boy to Kimi's house to borrow flour, so we could finish the dough, then 20 minutes later as I started  to make the frosting....I sent another boy to Kimi's house to borrow powdered sugar, so we could frost our cookies.  Good thing for friends with deep pantries.  
Happy Valentines!!!


erin noelle said...

your kitchen looks so good in these pictures. So fresh I love it. I like the clock idea.

Brooke Shoko said...

LOVE the world map.

Kimi said...

Yes, I have a well-stocked panty, since I am always baking and stuff. Haha! It was sheer luck that I had those things! But the cookies were delish, so I was more than happy to have helped out!

Wow, you guys are so romantic! Such great gifts--I can never come up with that kind of stuff, but you seem to have an endless supply of ideas.

That song was beeeautiful! Christian asked me if I cried during the song and I said yes, did you? He snickered and said no, I just knew that you would have. That Laila, she has the voice of an angel! You too, Melinda, but I'm afraid you may have been upstaged this time.

I'm sad it's the end of Addison as Ichabod. He was awesome! I would have kissed him on the lips too, if I'd thought of it. (Or thought I could get away with it). I'm gonna miss the hair, too. Maybe he'll get a call when it's ready to show in NYC. Do I hear GIRL TRIP??!

Oh, and Wayne needs a smaller shirt.

Verification word: tulsista
I don't know, I just like it.

Laur said...

I second ALL that was said above. I really love the world map and clocks, I can't wait to see them.
Monson can practice now :) ha!

Si said...

I'm sad to have missed you singing! Sweet Valentine's gifts. Love the pics.

Lesley said...

I've always liked the clock idea... I would do Utah time, England time... and beach house (CA) time. I'm glad the song went well, what is it they say, "bad rehearsal, great peformance?" something like that. Who are "they" anyway?