Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mission Reunion

It was great to go to Wayne's  Argentina, Cordoba mission reunion and meet and talk with Pres. and sister Klein.
Pres. Klein was a great influence on Wayne.
Wayne had him as President for 18 months and served in the mission home with him  for 8 months as an Assistant.
It was fun to see Wayne interact with other old missionaries, share stories and remember beloved companions and Argentines. 
I waited for and wrote Wayne faithfully on his mission.  I recall his areas and people and stories as well as anyone.
It was so gratifying to sit there and be the fly on the wall as they all conversed.
Sis. Klein reminisced about the mission home and having 5 little girls running around. She recalled a time when the gas stove blew up and burned her.  Wayne was there, gave her a blessing and drove her to the hospital.  It was tragic, then it was a miracle of healing.
Pres. Klein shared a beautiful testimony.  He related a new "aha" moment he had this past week.  In 2nd Nephi it states, "Man is that he might have joy.."  It goes on to explain what that joy is... "God's love, which is the most joyous of all.-- so our true Joy is felt when we have God's love in our lives." He was so sweet and humble in relating this.
Pres. Klein wished he didn't have to be so strict as a mission pres. and that the missionaries could have felt of his love for them more. Wayne said he knew Pres. Klein loved him and Wayne loved Pres. Klein.

My friend Bob said, "A Mission President, to a missionary, is right under a father figure."
I would agree.
Much growth, many life lessons, spiritual highs and lows are all experienced on a mission.  These are all shared with a Mission Pres.

Wayne learned a lot as a missionary  in Argentina, and came home better because of it.  Better prepared to marry me and begin our family.  Better prepared to be a father and provider. Better prepared to love  and serve the Lord.

As we were leaving, Pres. Klein grabbed me, held my hand and looked into my eyes and said, "Make sure you tell your children what a great father they have."
I teared up, because I agee.

Yep, Mission Presidents are great!

I'm glad Addison was able to serve in Louisiana-- he speaks highly of his mission Pres. He says his mission improved and enlarged his gospel understanding and his life. He learned how to Love more.

Truman is working on his mission papers right now.    I can't wait for him to experience a mission, love a mission president  and serve the Lord.


Shanna said...

Brian speaks highly of his pres too. I agree with your friend! And I can't believe how much Monson looks like Wayne. Wow!

Lesley said...

My boys have so much love and respect for their mission Presidents. Jeff's and Jeremy's were both at their sealings. I had a tender experience at BYU Women's Conference last spring. Jeremy's MP is Elder Sybrowsky of the seventy. His wife was teaching a class just before the closing session of the conference and Jeremy was insistent that I attend her class and speak to her. I arrived early so that I could do that and when I had just been there a few minutes Elder Sybrowsky showed up. I went immediately to him and when I introduced myself (we had met at the wedding but that was a few years ago) he was the one who seemed overjoyed. Anyway, long story short, there was another missionaries mom there and a sister missionary (it was like a little reunion for us) we had time before and after the class to visit, take pictures, share e-mail was an amazing experience for me and a highlight of the whole conference. As I walked back to the Marriott Center for the closing session, already feeling "filled" from my two days there I called Jeremy to report. I couldn't stop crying as I tried to tell him about the experience and how I wished that he had been the one experiencing it instead of me. This is kind of a long comment but, it's people like the Sybrowsky's that make it easier for us to send our boys in the mission field.

Si said...

i did a double take when I looked at that pic. MONSON. Wow.
Mission Presidents are the best. Grant loved President Stott.