Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Laila has a Jack-o-lantern smile.

She has been missing her front top left,tooth since April....I actually am starting to wonder if there's even a tooth there to grow in......
Anyway.....she's been missing her large front tooth and........
She pulled out her bottom right tooth at church on Sunday!!
It was bugging her, because when she would eat, it would tip into her mouth and get in her way. She would chew on it. So she was fed up with it!!!
Laila excused her self, during one of the speakers, and came back triumphantly from the bathroom, with a big wad of bloody toilet paper hanging out of her grin.
So now....she is a Jack-o-lantern.
She is begging to have her face painted orange to match.

1 comment:

Si said...

Laila is so cute. She needs you to make her some special food to eat with her missing teeth...Yeah, get some special food In West Yellowstone!