Saturday, August 15, 2009

Random Family Ramblings

I had a dream last night about the Welch family being at the cabin, although it didn't look like the family cabin, and we were laughing and playing and going on roller coaster rides?......and Wayne's dad was there. Tom was in my dream. He looked good, happy and smiling and I didn't want the dream to end.
It's August.
Tom's birthday was in August.
I love Tom!
I just hit a button, accidentally and this blog posted before I was finished....this adds to my random theme.

Landon fell asleep in his CNA class and rolled out of his desk and onto the floor hitting his face before he actually woke up. The teacher was astonished. The class laughed. Landon was slightly embarrassed and after wiping drool of the floor, stood in the back of the class for the remainder of it. I know how he feels. I fell asleep once in the front row of a church meeting. I was out of the pew and on to the floor, while the speaker droned on.

Laila said she has a "talent for watching shows and going to rehearsals." I think she really does. She has been doing it since birth, and has been able to sit through plays, over and over again since she was 3. She doesn't understand why all kids don't like to do this. Why they run around, or don't want to go with her when she invites them. Yep. I would definitely call this a talent.

Truman and I have been "fighting" a lot lately. He just doesn't get "it". It being money issues and moving away and packing and playing with friends and staying up too late and getting a job!?!?! I haven't taught him enough. I am failing as a parent. Or.... My parenting skills are in tact and he is just choosing to be a teenager when I want him to act like an adult.

What's up with the weather? We have a BEATLES BASH BBQ planned for tonight......and maybe, now, we don't. It's rainy and cold........55 degrees. Our "Hard Days Night" is now a "Rainy, cold days and who knows what will happen Night."

Addison got hurt in his show on Tuesday night. He is supposed to race off stage at the end of the preshow and get in his costume for SECRET GARDEN. He was doing what he always does; following his regular traffic pattern....when an actor did what he never does, and came on stage and plowed into Addison in the dark. They hit head on, full force. Addison's knee and head were bashed. He fell onto the stage, blacked out. His knee-cap felt like it circled all the way around his leg and came back on top. So much pain. Addison couldn't do the show..... he was out! So sad....the other actor was sorry, but Addison had to pay the body pain consequence. He says now his head is better, but his knee is so bruised and the size of a grapefruit. He did do his GUYS AND DOLLS show the next night, and he said it was his best so far. Good for him!
Only three weeks to go.

Monson is busy trying to make it on the Varsity Football team. He has a scrimmage this morning in the rain. He really wants it. I don't know if it's better to be second string Varsity or Starter on JV? He loves football.

Wayne is a running fool!! He has his 5 finger running shoes and he is training for a 5K. This is a great accomplishment for the dizzy dude!! He goes to the BHS track and runs in circles.....I think that's why he can do it....the circle thing. He is determined to run about 7 minute miles...that's why the training takes place. I'm just proud of him for setting this goal--- you have to see his shoes......
________________'s good to clear my head....ramblings over , and out!


D2Quilter said...

I was just watching a vid cast about this on the Raw Food World TV show. So does he love them? They look very interesting.

Si said...

I need more of a close up on those "shoes"