Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Bear Lake 2017

Cole Family Bear Lake reunion is in the Books… We had a great time!  A few tears were shed as we came in the gates and thought of Mom and Dad and Marcie and the many years we spent together here.  It’s almost a sacred place to me.   I can’t believe it’s been 45 years since we first vacationed here…it’s comforting and a bit crazy all at the same time.  We spent the week doing what we all know how to do at the Lake, set up camp,  sit at the beach, go out on the boat,  bike, golf, games at night in the condos, take turns for making dinner and eating under the trees,  try not to get burned, read lots of books,  see Juanito Bandito, wake board,  tube,  eat at Le Beaus and Zips and Bear Lake pizza, try all the Shake flavors and do it all again the next day.   It’s pretty great.    I was pleased to have most of my kids there..only missing Alex, Sophia and Andrew… Truman even flew in for a few days at the Lake.  It was great having Cindy and Colen Sweeten's family with us for a few days too.  


Truman -
Wake Boarding
Spending hours on the boat
Actually being good at volleyball
Alfie and Tay on the boat

tubing with Alf
Jumping in the lake off the boat with Alf
Hanging on the boat with the fam
Trying all the raspberry shakes

 Family Time
 Being on the boat.

 Playing Cards
 So much boat time
 Tayla tubing
 Taste testing raspberry shakes.

 Taste testing shakes
 Being on the boat
 Being pulled in her wagon

Being on the beach--it's my heaven
Shakes, treats, and games with the sibs, parents, and fam
Boating everyday with Poppa

Our 3 tents on the beach... tan, Dallas Cowboys, U of U.

Bicycling with KP to zips for lunch everyday
Tubing like a crazy person
Time with Tayla and Alfie

So much boat time on great, beautiful blue, calm water with all my kids and Tayla and Alf
Little nightly devotionals about my parents and lessons learned

Here's  little recap of what was shared at our nightly dinner devotional:  
Angela-enjoy life. She got sucked in to only studying  and turned down dates and fun. Mom encouraged fun
Liz- Christmas memories shared around
Me- Dad exuded kindness. Loved watching fam this week being nice to each other even though we are so different. Good to be kind
Adam- memory of Dad always leaving the lake in the middle of the week to go down to Bountiful and "water his tomatoes."  Really he just wanted to sleep in his own bed.    Adam left too for a night.

Calls- music memories. Singing "last night I dreamed that I was a tiger" on the swings as high and loud as we could.  Also sang " once I went in swimming" to honor Dad.

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