Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Lord knows me

I have to recertify as an elementary school teacher this summer. I’m a secondary teacher working in a K-8 school and now the state is cracking down on things like that, so unless I want to teach HS again, I need to certify.  

 I have had to get my college transcripts from 30+ years ago from Weber and pay ACT to try and find my old scores from 1979… Well the transcripts were easy, the ACT scores hard.  After paying my 60 bucks, ACT couldn’t find me.  I have to have these or I will be taking some math college courses.  I don’t want that to happen. I was fretting over this and got an idea  ( the spirit told me) to look in my old HS journal.  So I got the old box down out my closet and read and read.  There was NOTHING there…but I did read about the first time Wayne told me he loved me… March 21, 1979…we were married on that very date March 21st 1983… 4 years later… coincidence? 

Ok.  Back to my ACT saga…. I was still sick.  I didn’t know what to do about these scores… as I was putting my journal back in the box I noticed my old Sterling Scholar portfolio.   I started thumbing through this book, and lo and behold, a certified ACT document was in this book!!! Thank you Spirit.    I love times like this when I remember that the Lord knows me and is involved in my life.   

 Now for the hard PRAXIS test this summer on LA, Math, science and history .

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