Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sharing Sheri Challenge

Mom’s birthday is May 9th and we are celebrating with a sibling lunch at plates and palates…but I was also sleepless last night having another Sharing Sheri Idea that I hope family and friends participate in …..   

 It's May, it's May, the lusty Month of May  ( song from Camelot)  and I can't help but think of our sweet  momma/ grandma Sheri.   Mom was born May 9th and passed away on May 21st and in between those is Mother’s day May 14th…so this is definitely her month.   But what to give my angel momma in heaven?  This posed a big challenge.... so......
The challenge is to give something away each day.  13 somethings!!!!!  From May 9th to May 21st.
Ideas:   Time, a flower, a note, clothes, kind word, favorite book, treat, $, help, compliment, hug.... 

Give it away with intention and think of  mom when you do it. I'm sure she will inspire all of us to do and be better. I think this is a beautiful exercise and we can share about this when we get together.   So  take on this challenge and see what happens.

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