Sunday, May 14, 2017

Obligatory Mother's Day pics 2017

I've always had a pretty good relationship with Mother's Day.  I think it's because my mom  always had a good relationship with Mother's day- My mom and then Wayne's mom always were comfortable with who they were and loved this day too. Mom taught me to take charge of this day. Make it what you want. Tell your spouse and kids so they don't have to guess. If it's a total pj and family movie day-great. If it's a church and family dinner day-awesome. I get myself what I want as a gift and I'm never disappointed. 🎁 I expect a picture of me with each child and grandkid. I told my kids Years ago that I don't want breakfast in bed...yucky. I do want love notes, good food and hugs. Anything else that my kids do is just gravy. ❤️❤️❤️ The sharing Sheri-13 days of giving continues. Wayne helped a random family from Cali get their car fixed 🚗and back on the road for a funeral in Nebraska. 👍🏽Ask for opportunities to help and give and the Lord will manifest them. It's up to us to listen and then follow through.

Addison drew me this Home Sweet Home of my house on 915 East... I love it so much.  Home is definitely where MY heart is.

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