Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Weekend Pt. 3

Monday is for Biking, Swimming, Eating and Remembering!  
Wayne and I did two bike rides this weekend, so we are soooo happy to be back out on our bikes in this glorious weather.

We headed to the Morley pool in Spanish Fork to share it with Christiana and Katelyn Pattison (KP Laila's best friend) .  It's always a big bash with Mike having 12 siblings and Krystin 6 siblings and all of their kids and grandkids... so we are just glad to be included.   Landon, Addison, Bre, and ALf also joined us.

Wayne helped Mike cook up about 160 burgers, 48 hot dogs a ton of grilled onions and so much more food it's mind boggling.  Laila made sure Christiana and KP HAD to jump off the high platform, and we all just basked in the new summer sun!  


We got home in time to be at the Lakeview cemetery and remember Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa Butters and Marcie's life.  I still struggle that Marcie is gone and has been for 2 years.  
 I love reading the books I made about Mom and Dad and taking them to the cemetery to help us reminisce and see what they looked like .  They seem to grow dimmer all of the time, so I'm glad Memorial day comes around so we have to focus.
 We finally got the "He Was Kind" at the top of Dad's stone.... which is good, because he really was!
 Alf racing to go potty.... yet again...he is peeing everywhere!
Our Cemetery group this year was Christiana Gilardi , Laila, Landon, Me and Wayne, Bre, Addison and Aflie.  

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