Sunday, May 7, 2017

Happy Birthday to Lexi and Sophia

It's Birthday time around here so I knitted Sophia and Lexi their own blankets...they can wrap up in them and remember how much I/We love them!  Sophia is a bright, talented, gung-ho 8 year old who is a huge bucket of Love.. She is a wonderful sister, cousin and a born care giver.    Lexi has some amazing people person talents...she can talk and connect with anyone.  If she doesn't get along with someone you can know it's the other person's problem and not from Lexi's lack of trying. She is a planner and a dreamer. A great mom and I'm grateful she puts up with my sports crazed son.   Monson and Lexi just bought a little starter home in Spanish Fork that they move into June 15...and they are thrilled!  

 Friday was Cinco de Mayo, but more importantly Lexi and Sophia’s birthdays.  We celebrated with Thai food ( which shows how much I love them, since my fave food is Mexican food and it was Cinco d Mayo….)  and then a musical performance of a mixed up Beauty and the Beast put on my Andrew and Sophia’s Up with kids group.  They were darling and received “Oscars” for the performance as Pink Fairy Merryweather in the Sleeping Beauty sketch and Shrek’s donkey in the Shrek sketch.  Landon and Alex are proud poppas!


In other news... Laila was part of the STRIPE SHIRT club accidentally with her friends -- they had to get a pic!

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