Sunday, January 15, 2017

JAZZ game, Tayla and Tumbling

Mark (43), Wayne (55) Terry (53) Dale (49) Wanee (80)
 Wanee's  Christmas present Jazz game finally arrived.  She went with her boys to dinner and then the basketball game and had a surprise guest Thurl Bailey come and meet her.  Thurl is a family friend of the Bentleys since his son and Bridger Bentley served as companions together  in the Washington DC mission.  Wanee was THRILLED to say the least.  It was a great night for her and she was so excited she couldn't even settle down to sleep til after 3 in the morning.  And in case you don't see Wanee's facebook post at the end of each Jazz game...they won!!

 Little Tayla is a hoot.  She is full of personality and tries to talk  but mostly goes around making monkey sounds in an effort to communicate.  Language is hard.  She loves having books read to her and will drag any book she finds over to a person sitting down and insist it be "read."  Poppa Wayne is great at this.

We were thrilled to be at Laila's first ever tumbling competition.   She competes with team Fuzion.  There are all different age groups and levels to compete in.  Laila competes in Age 15 and up level 6, (that was against 15 other girls ) There are a set series of skills that need to be done for each level on the trampoline, the double mini and the floor which has tumbling passes of round offs, back handsprings, tucks etc..     Laila took 3rd place in double mini and 1st place in the floor.  It was so exciting watching her do her thing and see all of her hard work paying off.   She is glad she placed so she doesn't have to be in the "300 club" when she gets back to the gym.   That means she would have had to do 100 sit ups, 100 push ups and 100 back hand springs....,wow
I think we are just all amazed because there is a Cole/Welch who can run really fast and do 7 back handsprings into a tuck at the end, with almost perfect form, keeping her feet and hands together or "in the box"  and going straight down the white line with a lot of speed and rebound.  It's impressive.

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