Monday, September 19, 2016

Welnapley Time

The Welches, Belnaps and Farleys all gathered for another fun filled weekend in St. George to celebrate Bob Farley's Birthday.  Wayne and Bob called it a work rejuvenation time.  It's easy to run away when you can take your work partner with you and just keep working.  
We got tickets to see The Hunchback of Notre Dame at Tuacahn.  Hunchback only had a sign with 2 head we put our faces in the Tarzan sign instead, because there was for me,  Kimi and Laura.  The musical was so moving with amazing voices but a sad dark tale and I probably don't need to ever go out of my way to see it again.  
 Beautiful, Beautiful Zions Hike with the Farleys and Eric Belnap

 We hiked Hidden Canyon in Zions.  It was so beautiful and on a scale of 1 to Angel's Landing it was about a 7. Eric wanted us to enjoy a, "white knuckle suffer fest.  A lung burning, hip smokin, knee carnage maker, blitzkrieg, blastomatic no holds barred bonding hike with friend  time together."  He's funny. THe hike was much easier than that.   We also went up to Weeping rock.
 There was an arch at the end of Hidden Canyon.
 ......and some Stone Cairns...stacked up rocks.
We grabbed lunch with Heidi and Lance Bingham...they love living in St. George.  We went to the movie Sully ...and feasted on Popcorn.
Then Pickleball and Bike riding were on the docket.
The pickle ball boys... Wayne has a bad sciatic back pain, Bob is recovering from a cracked sternum and Eric had a bike crash which made his shoulder ache and his they are all pretty messed up, but very competitive anyway.   Getting old is not for sissy's.

 I haven't ridden much this summer because of my sore elbow..but it's getting better...and it felt good to do 26 St. George red rock miles.

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