Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Welch Reunion..Heber Valley Camp

FAMILY TOGETHERNESS......... Melinda, Laila, Uncle Rob Madsen
 We had a fun Welch family reunion at Heber Valley Camp Friday Sept 2 into Saturday.  Wayne, Laila and Landon were the only ones of us that could attend on Friday night.  They had dinner together , a talent show where Wayne entertained between everyone with his jokes. He told the "pass one? I don't know if I can even swallow one." football joke.  He also told the Grandpa Welch story with the cat that ran out of gas.  Classics.   Holly directed everyone singing "Love at home," then Wanee shared parts of her life story.    Then Landon left and I joined on Saturday for Breakfast, our favorite shake the quarter and squeeze hands down the line to grab the towel, minute to win it games, challenge and zip line courses and lunch.  Mark and Jill- Wendi and Bret were in charge and they did a great  job with everything.  The only hard part is communal sleeping in those wooden bunk beds with everyone snoring, or trying not to cough around you.  Wayne with his bad back, got like one hour of sleep.  So Family togetherness is hard sometimes too.

Laila working on the oreo minute to win it game
Love Liz Bentley's sweat shirt....after all this is what I'm working at this year.   She announced her and Blake are expecting.
Wayne trying to catch up on sleep in his car.
Cousins... Liz, Alex, Becca, Laila, Kylie and Hayley
Playing card games... Amy, Jane, Steve, Rachael, Tyler and Nathan
Tami with Amy's baby Rachel...
Laila with some of  her cousins: Laila, Becca, Alex, Cade, Tiffany, Tanesha, Liz, Porter and Kylie

Savannah doing braids with Karissa, Becca and Laila

Kylie Madsen and Shelbi Bentley

Cyrrena with Nicole and Anna

Lots of sandwiches for lunch, cut by Tiffany and Wendi Reynolds

Jill Welch with AnnLynn Bentley

Holly with Brady Bentley

Anna and Savannah being silly......
Sandy and Tami

Terry, Becca, Laila, Hayley, Brady....
Nash Madsen and Scott ( One of Amy's boys)

Shelbi Bentley, Wayne and Cade Reynolds

Nash, Andrew and Carson Bentley... 
The challenge/Zip line course was fun....

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