Monday, July 4, 2016

Truman is a DELTA flight attendant!

Truman Graduated from Delta Flight Attendant school and we got to fly to Atlanta to celebrate with him.  This was a grueling, live there, 7 week experience.  He had class from noon to midnight every day.  There was also a 6 am to 6pm  group, 8 to 8, and 10 to ten.... Tru was grateful to be the noon fits his life and sleeping schedule better.   He had to learn about all sorts of emergency situations, know the code to every airport, and learn about every type of plane Delta flies and how to open doors, where all the switches are, what to do for emergency landings and water landings, terrorists, self defense etc.... only one day was on the actual servicing of passengers. He learned a lot of things that hopefully he will never have to use.  
Truman graduated top in his class only missing one question on all 24 tests that he had to take and he won the coveted Peer Award for exemplifying the spirt of Delta.  We are so proud of him.  It was great to be at the Delta Air Museum many cool planes and things to see and do.  The ceremony was impressive with beautiful videos, a talk from the CEO of Delta , graduation and then Brunch.   We had many teachers, advisors and classmates pull us aside to tell us how wonderful Truman was in class and to everyone...very smart,
very kind, very inclusive...all the things a mom likes to hear.   

He is off to Minneapolis to begin his new life and career.  He is hoping to transfer quickly to NYC  to live and fly out of there. 

  We stayed at A renaissance hotel that over looked the runaways of the Atlanta airport.  It was totally entertaining to watch the planes come and go.

I got to pin Truman's wings he is now official. 

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