Friday, June 3, 2016

Addison's 30!

I can't believe I have a 30 year old child.  Am I old enough for this to happen?  I'm probably having  a a harder time with Addison turning 30 than he is. 

  Bre celebrated Addison by putting together " 30 hours of Addison Fun."  She packaged it so cute, she should be in advertising. 

Bre took him to Lagoon with Alfie, and then Alf came to my house and Addison and Bre continued to play, 
Then a Sushi dinner ( a sleep at their new house) .... breakfast with Ogden/theatre friends, and Lunch with CPT theatre friends, a matinee movie of Alice in Wonderland,  then a family swim party at the Butters pool. 

 Addison has had 22 swim birthday parties at this very pool.  It's sentimental to all of us.  He learned to swim here. Spent every summer holiday swimming here.  Taught swim lessons here....
 Brad and Karen were so sweet to oblige us.

Addison is a wonderful human.  He is kind,  creative, happy and willing.  It is so fun to watch him be a dad to our Alfie.  He is so involved and good at it.  Add is busy trying to keep all of his jobs going.  He's like a juggler....  He is acting at Hale Center theatre.  He is doing his art and selling it under the name The Coral Lamp post on ETSY and at boutiques. He is choreographing HEllo Dolly at CPT this summer.   He is teaching dance classes at the Centerpoint Academy and is in charge of the CPT summer theatre camps.....and he helps Bre with their photography business, Pepperfox photo too.  My mind boggles with all of the things he has going.

I'm happy to be his mom.  He brings me so much joy as he continues to be my Addison-shine!

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