Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What are we doing right now????

Bre is getting ready for a concert she is singing in with Mary Driggs tonight 
Addison is doing his daily drawing...this one of Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast. He plays this part at Hale Center theatre this fall. 
Alfie is having fries and a drink  somewhere 
Wayne is checking out Laila's lawn mowing job. 
Tru is on break with his Delta team. He is at training in Atlanta, Georgia for the next 6 weeks. 
Laila is working on her hair with her friend Heather Kofford. 
Melinda is at Costco in St George picking up food with Annette Pond and Annett Eiting for Utah online teacher training. 
Monson, Lexi and Tayla are sight seeing in Yosemite. 
I think they are the winners of the what are you doing right now challenge. 
Landon and Sophia are at therapy 
...with Andrew too 
Alex is waiting for people to get out of his condo. They are selling their Eagle Mountain condo.  Yay!   

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