Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Monson and Lexi's next adventure

....and they are off!   Monson, Lexi and Tayla are heading to Fresno, California and I miss them already.  They have been living in my basement since last August and I have enjoyed having them and their friends around.  Tayla is a joyful baby and  gives me smiles and giggles all day long...so I will really miss her. But.....they are excited to be off on their next married adventure.  Monson is working for a pest control company selling in and around Fresno.  He will be with some mission buddies and wives and I hope he works hard and this ends up being a great move for their family.  They will be gone atleast a 1 1/2  years.  
Lexi's mom, Rebecca and Landon are driving with them to Cali, then they will both fly home on Saturday.  I'm so glad they have help and extra drivers.  It was hard seeing them all drive away on this rainy, dismal day.  It was a great and terrible, good and sad experience.
I'm not worried about this move for them though.   One of Lexi's talents is making friends and feeding missionaries and Monson gets along with everyone, so it will be a fun thing to watch them grow.  I'm just so happy for facetime, so I can see my little TAYLA when ever I like, and I'm happy for flight benefits that will be kicking in with Tru as flight attendant so I can fly to Fresno when ever I want as well.   Life is changing around here.

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