Friday, April 29, 2016

a little piece of quiet

Do you hear that?
My house is quiet...and almost empty.
Wayne is in China.
Monson andLexi have moved to California.
 Tru is off to a work trip and then officially leaves the nest May 15 for Delta.
 Addison, Bre and Alf aren't around much and Landon, Alex and kids are in Eagle Mountain and we see them maybe twice a month.
This is crazy.  If it weren't for Laila  I would be running around naked.
I had all of my carpets cleaned.
I have started putting the basement back together.  I'm getting all of my art stuff out again into the big room under the kitchen.  There is room for a sewing, scrapbook, craft and painting area.  I'm looking forward to painting again.  I will try and channel my inner Mom and Marcie.  They were both such good artists.
The "nursery" is now the exercise/bike room.  I have all of the bike stuff and exercise equipment down there now instead of in the office behind the stairs.  I can actually see the carpet in the office again.  It's amazing.
Laila has taken over the downstairs bathroom for showering etc... she wants a bed room down there, but not yet.  She is upstairs with us for a few more years, or I would never see her.
All of the basement furniture from dad's basement is going into the down stairs family room.  It's in my garage right now waiting.   Patiently waiting for change to happen.

I know I'm not going to always like the quiet...and I miss my kids and the crazy that swirls around them...but right now a little piece of quiet feels great.

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