Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I love Valentine's

I love holidays...even the "fake" greeting card Valentines. 
Why do I love them? Because life is too full of things to not celebrate, like sickness, natural disasters, death,  disappointments, overwhelming to-do lists, a crying teenager.  So when there is a chance to celebrate something, anything, I’m there.  I get my decorations out; hang up a banner and write something on my chalkboard door. 

I appreciated how my Live Happy magazine put it about giving cards, cookies, candy etc...on Valentine's. They indicated it wasn't necessarily an expression of  love.....,

"But you know what it’s definitely an expression of? Not-hate.

And we need so much more not-hate. If we could all take a day and give each other little teddy bears with chocolate-filled hearts, we would spread so much not-hate.

And you know what people do when they feel not-hate?

They express not-hate towards others. They help each other. They solve refugee crises, fix up schools, invent cures for diseases, discover new planets, and a way to get there without traffic. People who feel not-hate also don’t cut you off in traffic; they’re the ones waving you through as you cut them off. They don’t mind because they feel not-hate, because someone probably gave them a little teddy bear for Valentine’s Day."

I had my annual Valentine's skate party for my school complete with old fashioned Valentine boxes. I remember creating boxes for this holiday as a child.  We have the online kids come together to celebrate and pass out tokens of "not hate."
We had a Valentines weekend get away to St George with the Belnaps and the Evans to see the Parade of Homes. Marie Osmond's new home is amazing. I loved it.  We met up with the Lakes, Binghams and Capsons for dinner, biking, pickleball and card games. 
Getting out of the cruddy air and into beautiful sunshine was great!
We had a family Valentine dinner at our Love Shack!  The whole family was here eventually, including Holly and Wanee. I love spending time loving on my family. 
... And just for fun here is a pic of Monson at 4 months and Tayla at 4 months...pretty close. 

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