Monday, November 16, 2015

Marcie and Gratitude Journal

Every year when I pull my Gratitude Thanksgiving Journal out and pass it around the table to have everyone write in, I'm received with little enthusiasm.  But this Journal has definitnely become a treasure for me.
The Last Cole Thanksgiving was in 2013.  This was the last Thanksgiving meal we enjoyed together.
Cole Sisters...Thanksgiving Pie Party at Marcie's home, 2014

This is what Marcie wrote:
I am thankful for- Life.  Life is good.
Modern Coneniences- Central air and heat.  I would have been a poor pioneer.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ.
My family
My cute missionary Hayden who loves what he is doing.
Nelson who keeps me in line.
Megan who is my friend.
Jordan and Laurie for their unconditional love.
Ryan and Carson- being a grandma is awesome.
Gary, my rock, my soul, my love.
I am blessed.

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