Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween re-cap

HALLOWEEN...Welch style means everyone dresses up  and we eat and party some where.... This year the party was at Add and Bre's with a fun drop in style affair.  They had Hocus Pocus playing on the tv and a puzzle to put together, plus plenty of  food and a picture session for everyone who came.   It was different this year for me not to evn attempt mom's donuts...but it was always so stressful for me and making me not like this holiday.  I can buy donuts and be just as happy.   Wayne went to the U of U black out game with Monson so his Halloween costume was a Ute fan.
This was the amazing Sleepy Hollow themed, 8 layer spice pumpkin cake that Add and Bre traded some art work for.  It was moist, and delicious.   I loved cutting into it.

Laila as Beyonce.  Jenna did her hair and make up and she is actually wearing 5 inch heels from DI and the leotard is Aunt Angela's from her 5th grade dance troop....so I guess it's vintage from the 70's

Monson's Halloween costume was Money...since he is Money... Lexi was spare change with pennies glued on a t shirt and Tayla was the Million dollar baby in a money bag with a monopoly money head piece

Addison was the Hitch Hiking Ghost.  Bre the Trapeze lady in the Haunted Mansion with the Alf--igator under neath her trying to swallow her up.  It was a Disney Haunted Mansion motif.   ALfie was not excited about wearing his Alligator head piece.
Bat Lady.  I always just go into my costume closet and see what speaks to me...this year it was a robe with a scallop that reminded me of bats so I found this mask and wallah....I am Bat Lady
Loving this Alf-igator!
Truman with a group of his friends went as "me at your funeral."  Basically it makes me never want to die.  He actually looks like my sister Liz with a beard....it's freaky.  
Pumpkin carving was fun....although by the end I actaully had to do mine, finish Laila's and add a Ghost to Monson and Lexi's pumpkin....so I did 3. 

Gross pumpkin guts!!
Halloween is Laila's favorite holiday...she loves all the gross, the scary and gore..she loves dressing up and the haunted houses and all of the candy and costumes.  She is sad every year when I put the decorations away and move onto Thanksgiving.

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