Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thankful Thursday

I am counting my blessings today...large and small.

I really do have a pretty great life.  I'm reminded of this as I sleep in because of a headache and then go about my work and routine on my own schedule.  What a blessing.  As long as I get my work done it doesn't matter when this happens....YAY!  I'm also reminded of this as I look at my wonderful Wayne and all he does for our family.  He is such a strength to me.

I'm so thankful for friends.  My sweet friend Erin is moving to Arizona in a few weeks.  We got her back in Utah for just a few years and now the Blakes are off again for their next family adventure. She came up Wednesday, and we were able to go for a hike and talk up Mueller Park Canyon.  She is a breath of fresh air and truly concerned about everyone.  She assures us that she got a house big enough for everyone to come down in the winter and vacation with her...sit around her pool...and she will know all of the best places to shop and eat.

Still counting my friend blessings... I am in awe of the support, sweet notes, cards, flowers and gifts that have been coming my way since Marcie and Dad's deaths.  I feel truly loved and know we are on this earth to help each other, lift each other and strengthen each other.  It's so much better this way.
Mary Englebreit continues to be one of my favorite artists.  Marcie and I shared this love.  We were always sending each other ME cards and thoughts.  I will have to find another ME lover to do this with now.

Thankful for bike riding.  I look forward to getting on my bike and pedaling in the sunshine.  We are headed today up Morgan way to make the rounds.  I'm so hapy Wayne does this with me.

Thankful to be a Me-ma.  We love grandparenthood.  The Littles are a hoot. Sophia is so strong willed and willing....Andrew is so smart and shy....Alfie is growing and going.  We will get baby Tayla soon right her in our home.!!  To have a baby around every day will be a slice of heaven.  Lexi is hanging in there with constant contractions trying to make it to 36 weeks, then the baby can come at any time.

I'm thankful

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