Friday, September 4, 2015

84 Miles....

The Cache Valley Century Bike ride was finally here.  I should have been training for it all summer, but with Marcie and Dad in the hospital and spending time with them and being physically and emotionally exhausted , it just didn't happen.

The bike riding went great for Tami  Madsen and Laura Belnap (on her electric bike), but only  good for me.  Wayne said he would stay with me, Tami and Laura to ride this 100miles so he could be out in front and pull us around the course. He is so loyal…and awesome.  We averaged 15.5 mph around. Rob Madsen drove the support vehicle.  Going our pace only bugged Wayne a little bit when really big guys and or riders with BYU kits on passed us up. 

I was just "too" everything…too sad, too out of shape, too miserable pedaling into the wind. And I was feeling a bit nauseous from too much Gatorade.     Finally at mile 68.3 I felt like the pioneer at the side of the trail that says, “I’m done, bury me here and go on…it’s ok.” So the 3 other riders left me on the side of the road having my bawl -fest-pity -party… I told them to fetch me on the way back and I would finish to 84 miles in honor of my dad…but that was it.  I cried for Marcie's loss.  I cried for her kids and grandkids and what they will miss out on not having her wonderfulness around.  I cried cuz  I was  missing my mom.  I cried for my dad and what a change his passing will bring to my extended Cole family.  I cried for my out of shape body.   I cried for all of the injustice in the the world and for children starving in Africa.  You name it, I cried for it...howled really...into the wind sitting in the dirt, holding my bike up, by the side of the road.  

 It's crazy how crying is good and bad and it comes at the strangest times.  

At mile 84 I got in the support vehicle with Rob because this ride wasn’t fun anymore. –I was proud of the other 3 for finishing.  

I don’t know if I will ever try another 100 miler….

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Carolyn Black said...

Oh my dear, sweet friend. What an awful summer for both of us. My prayers are with you now and forever.