Friday, August 14, 2015

Marcie is gone

She is gone. I am heartbroken.   
She passed away Thursday, Aug 13 at 11:28pm
 Just Wednesday she was talking and reminiscing with cousins Cindy  Ostlund Sweeten and Krystin Poulter Morley. We laughed as we remembered our summer road trip with Grandma and Grandpa Butters. They took Me, Marcie and Krystin to California to see Cindy. On the way there we entertained passing motorists with signs and costumes. We knew how funny we were. 
We also passed the time with Grandma  Butters trying to teach us to sing in 4 part harmony. We weren't that successful but the words to the song that we sang over and over keep ringing through my head now.  

We shall meet but we shall miss her
There will be a vacant chair
We shall linger to caress her
While we kneel in secret prayer 

This is how I felt kneeling at Marcie's bedside last night watching her struggling breathing, hearing her "death" rattle and knowing we were at the end. 

We gathered, sang hymns, cried, laughed, reminisced and cried some more.  We all knelt around Marcie's hospital bed and Wayne offered a family prayer of blessed release for Marcie and comfort for her children.  We all joined hands and did our "forever " cheer at the end.    

At Marcie's final moments her children and Gary were holding her hands and telling her, pleading with her to go; that we would all take care of each other and she could go be with her momma. It was very spiritual, peaceful and beautiful. 

My sister friend is gone. I am in shock. 

The only good part about this whole thing is envisioning Marcie with Mom and Grandma Butters in a warm embrace. 

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