Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Right Now

I'm doing a couple of good things right now for my life.

I have started nightly family scripture reading and prayer....again.  We traded from monring time, because it was stressing Laila out, to evening time and really lost our way.  We have set alarms on our phones as reminders each night. It's working. 

I have sworn off yelling at Laila..haven't done so since Feb.   I'm tempted to at times, but I just walk away and write it down.   It feels so much better around here, and I don't want to be known as the screamy mom.

I have lost 5 pounds in the last week.  I'm just trying to be more aware of what goes in my mouth and portion sizes. Instead of eating ALL of the cookies,  or really like 8 in a day, I am having one.  I have a wedding coming up and want to look good in the pics.

I have kept my commitment to go out to lunch with somebody once a week.  I've gone with Laila, Wayne, my sisters, birthday bunch, theatre friends, besties... it's been great to have this as a goal this year.

My kids are doing good...moving forward with school, work, family and friends.  It's all a rollercoaster process, but the point is they are all moving forward with life.

I asked them to send a pic of what they are doing right now
Alex is on a plane flying from New Orleans to Atlanta.  
Landon just got done with his school day. He is exhausted. 
Laila is hanging out with her friend Heather before she goes off to dance. 
Melinda is driving to meet up with friend, Jan for lunch.
Wayne is meeting his sister Tami to drop off protein powder.
Addison is creating designs for the Beehive Bazaar that is coming up. 
Alfie is "reading" a book. 
Bre is enjoying their new Mac Book editing pics and such. 
Truman is working on laundry. 
Monson is at his runner for a law firm job just playing on his computer waiting for his next run.
Lexi is working harder than Monson at Park City Vision center. 

Right Now....all is well. 

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