Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cheerleader in the House!

LAILA made Cheerleader at MPJH for next year!!  She is thrilled.  We are relieved.  
The tryouts were closed so we waited around here  pacing and checking texts and pacing and worrying for 3 1/2hours….. when it was finally announced, Laila and her friend Heather screamed for 5 minutes straight.  
Such excitement.  
All of her hard work and practicing paid off.  
Laila almost didn’t try out because she says she is afraid of failure….aren’t we all?  But she was strong and her tumbling pass was perfect and she is the “toe touch” split  jump queen.  All of the girls and the coach can’t believe how high she can jump.  It’s fun to watch.  
She starts right into cheer with uniforms and learning a routine for the end of the year assembly and cheer camps and such.  She will be a busy girl.

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