Sunday, March 15, 2015

Angel's Landing with the Angels

Ahhh another weekend in St George  and I'm thinking being a snowbird sounds lovely. This weekend was spent with my theatre girlfriends Maurie and Jan. Julie was coming too but then her father passed away ... So it was just us and eventually Holly Reed joined in for hot tubbing and s'mores. 
We hiked Angel’s Landing in Zions. This was a first for me.  This was quite the hike.  I didn’t know it would entail spider man-ing  a rock wall to get to the highest level  of the peak...the Angel’s landing part.  It’s quite rigorous. We all felt accomplished so we went and bought Angel bracelet charms to celebrate. 
Another funny part is we got stopped by three guys on the way down to take a picture with us. They have a travel blog. As we talked to them we found out they were 3 gay men--- so Maurie and Jan wanted their pics taken just for fun. I said this is nothing new for me. I have 3 gay men at home. Everyone laughed!
We ate a lot of great food, played cards, sang, talked, saw the movie CINDERELLA ( so good) and the movie:
  2ndExotic Marigold Hotel ( very sweet)  sang and hiked some more.  We are singing to get ready for a friend's surprise party. We are part of the program. It will be fun!  
We ate amazingly good food and celebrated Pi day with pie. 
 On Saturday we hiked into the Red Cliff Rec area outside of Leeds.  It was cool. There is a river bed and stream to  walk through and slippery red rocks to scale and some foot hold  type rock places. It was awesome.  SO pretty and red and rocky and well, you get the idea. Maurie jumped in the freezing cold swimming hole-- she had to go potty and it was the only way. The funny part is the water was so cold she couldn't go after all. She was just wet.  It was fun to be with ladies who like to hike and are so active.   We laughed a lot and my thighs are killing me now. 
I can't believe the beautiful dessert landscapes and mountains and I always feel so blessed to have so many great friends to do things with. I'm one lucky girl. 

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Maggie said...

You ladies are my favorite! This looks like the most fun trip of all. <3