Saturday, March 21, 2015

11,688 Days

I've been married to my Wayne for 11,688 days.... AMAZING!

11,688 Days =    32 Years
11,688 Days =280,512Hours
11,688 Days =16,830,720Minutes
11,688 Days =1,009,843,200Seconds

We are celebrating 32 years today by going to a movie, doing sealings at the Temple, biking and tending our grandbaby...Alfie.   ( and........we will throw in  some sweet lovin' somewhere, sorry kids, try not to gag. )

I've decided the most important decision you can make in a life is not where to live, or what to do for a living, it's who to marry.....who to spend a life hour by hour, day by day, year by year in tandem, together life.    It's a pretty big deal, and one, thank goodness that I excelled at.  I chose my Wayne. He is remarkable in every way...and most remarkable is that he chose me.

In a book I've been reading by Anna Quindlen, called,  Lots of candles, plenty of cake, she writes, "Marriage is a journey that includes shared experience, setbacks, challenges, knowledge and many many things that make you crazy as well as some things that make you happy.   If a marriage is to endure over time, it has to be because both people within it  have tacitly acknowledged something that young lovers might find preposterous:  it's big, and more important, than both of us.  It's love, sure, and inside jokes and conversational shorthand,  but it's also families, friends, traditions, landmarks, knowldege, history.  It's childen, children whose parents' marriage is bedrock for them even if they're not children anymore.  Perhaps especially if they're not children anymore. "

I agree.  So I'm in this marriage of mine for the long haul...and I'm happy about it.  Here's to another 32!  I treasure  my marriage.
This is me and my sweet Wayne at our "second marriage ceremony"  during Guys and Dolls... 17 years ago.  

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Andrew and Gina said...

Congrats!! Happy anniversary!! and I didn't gag but I giggled at the thought of your children gagging. 😉