Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tru at the Grammy's

Truman went to the Granmy's as an official seat filler. He applied on line with 32,000 others and was one of three hundred that got picked. It was quite an ordeal. He had to check in hours early and hang out in a very hot parking lot across from the Staples center with few potty breaks and little water. He had to turn his phone in and go through metal detectors etc. When the group finally went in And was ready to be seated, Tru  lost the line of where he was supposed to go and ended up back in the holding room dejected with a close circuit tv  to watch. He thought he was going to get crap seats and that his Grammy experience was going to be a bust.....but in True Tru fashion he ended up on the front row the entire night, he didn't get switched out at all.....And the guy sitting next to him had a cell phone and allowed Tru to use it and then sent the pics all to Tru. 
It was "the best night of his life". 

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Lauren said...

This kills me. It's soooo perfect