Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wanee Welch Reunion!

What a wonderful extended Welch reunion we had this weekend.  It was from Thursday night til Sat at Noon and we had, off and on, 56 in attendance. We went up Big Cottonwood Canyon to two cabins that a family in Cyrrena and Terry’s ward own.  They were very generous to let us use these.  We were able to accommodate all of the sleepers quite nicely.  Cyrrena and Terry were in charge this year.  We got darling reunion shirts…purple like the grape juice with grape leaves that had each of the 9 siblings represented.
We hiked Donut falls.....even Holly. 

Played many card games, did minute to win it type games and laughed at each other, had a talent show, did some yard work service, enjoyed delicious food and presented a memories/gratitude book to Grandma Welch. 
Alfie's back, Becca, Laila, Alex, Abby
It’s always good to be together. We had Wayne, Melinda, Laila, Add, Bre, Alfie, Tru, Monson and Lexi representing our family. 
Wanee and Tami in the Shaving cream-cheese ball- shower cap throw.
Wayne with his orange-nylon on his head getting ready to knock some cups down....like an elephant.
Laila pulled against 3 other nylon faced people...and won!
Melinda knocking the cups with the orange....making elephant noises helped.
We got chased out of the cabins and canyon earlier than we wanted to because of the Tour of Utah bike race that was using Big Cottonwood… so we had lunch in Wanee’s backyard to finish off the reunion. The big family announcement is Jane and Steve Shurtz have put their mission  papers in and will be receiving their call soon.  WOW

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