Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Red Barn celebration and Michigan sites

Monson and Lexi had their first pre-wedding party in Alanson, Michigan....this is far north, at the top of the state.  It's a small village of 800 people.  Many fields and a few farms dot the landscape. It was all so green and rolling. The party was put on by Lexi's mom and Michigan was a country style cookout complete with all types of BBQ meat, salads and all of the fixins.   We met so many nice family and friends who were all excited to meet Monson and celebrate Lexi.
I knew it was true Love when I walked into the barn before the party and found Monson painting Lexi's toe nails.  
The Red Celebration barn is in a field for plenty of parking.  It was a perfect setting for our county girl, Lexi.   Monson and Lexi haven't stopped smiling since we arrived.

After the party we drove up north to Mackinaw city to see and cross over the Mackinac bridge. It connects to the upper peninsula. It's the longest suspension bridge in the Western Hemisphere.

Sunday we drove down to Traverse City for church. Monson was in his old missionary stomping ground and relived many  stories for us. We loved meeting some branch members and hearing what agreat missionary he was.  Lexi is loving showing us around her home town and taking in the TC sights.

 We went to the Sleeping Bear  Sand dunes with a hike in the dunes and an amazing view of Lake Michigan. Voted as one of the prettiest places in the US…it was spectacular. The sand was so soft, we walked for a mile in barefeet. 
  What I really noticed about northern Michigan was how much water was everywhere....lakes, rivers, streams...and more lakes.
A Traverse City Sunset.

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gma vh said...

We love that area! Camped on the water (as you know, camping is a rather loose term for SVH) but loved that island and wished we could afford to go into the Hotel Lobby where "Somewhere in Time" was filmed but in around 1984 it was $3 a head and with the 8 of us out of the quesion. Elder VH tried to talk me into going in alone-oh sure. Have THE cutest picture of John at 4 yrs churning butter with the cutest happy face. (John, not the butter churn) Can't wait to meet the newest Welch!