Sunday, August 3, 2014

First Little Welch reunion

It was Cabin time for the Wayne and Melinda Welch bunch.   It's our first little reunion with almost all in attendance.  We were missing Andrew and Sophia....they are the entertainment we were all a bit comparison.   I looked around and thought ..."this is us."  We get along - for the most much as any family does who is full of bosses...and very few followers.   The good news is we are all very accepting of each others strengths and weaknesses. Tru made a big announcement and showed us all his new tatoo of a triangle on his forearm......whatever...( Did you catch my eye roll?)  That added a bit of drama to our weekend.
I love going to the cabin.  I love that we don't get cell service, except now some of us do...but still we are pretty remote and  have a lot of time just to talk and play.
Tin foil dinners and s'mores make everyone happy.  Monson and Lexi love the outdoors.  Lexi said it reminded her of Michigan and her time spent in Alaska with her dad.  She is trying to figure out a way to live like this full time....Monson was a bit worried.   Alex survived his time with Mother Nature good naturedly...but just barely.  He "needs the noise of the city," he said.  Landon likes nature and city life...and Alex.
The Madsen's were up for a bit and they let us use their 4 wheelers.  So nice of them, and we had a riot going around the trails.  Laila started driving with Wayne on the back, and driving -by herself- in circles around the cabin.  She is feeling pretty grown up.
Addison hadn't been to the cabin for years...and was happy to show it off to Bre for her first time.   We played cards and had a Kanasta tournament...and Tru talked smack so we all joined per his usual.  Landon and Alex were the big winners!
It was great having more Alfie time.  He is such a chill baby.  A happy camper most of the time.....except for the drive up.  Bre was ready to throw him we all got to take over "our" baby and just love on him.   He loved licking watermelon.  He licks like a cat.

The first mini-reunion was a success....I hope to have many, many more as our family contiues to grow.

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